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Welcome to Sanginita Chemicals Ltd.>

Welcome to Sanginita Chemicals Ltd.

Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. is manufacturing Inorganic Copper based Speciality Chemicals since 2002. Our Products are Copper Sulphate, Cupric Chloride (Dihydrate and Anhydrous – both Forms), Cuprous Chloride, Copper Phthalo Cyanine Blue Crude, etc. We supply our products through worldwide clients.

We sell our products to various customers both in the domestic as well as the international markets across several countries.

Constant quality improvisations, technology upgrades and consistency in production and distribution have assisted Sanginita’s growth, making us one of the premier Inorganic Copper based Chemicals manufacturers in India, today. Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. works in a close partnership with its customers offering tailor-made solutions to meet their specific requirements.

The Unit’s success with R&D has impelled it to reach out beyond national frontiers, and ushered export opportunities for it. Today we export above Copper-based chemicals to countries such as : Africa, Australia, Kenya, Germany and France.

At present Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. has :

Annual Turnover is Excess of 2000 Million.

An Installed Capacity of 12200 M.T. / Annum.

Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. sticks to the principle "Quality for Progress, Administration for Benefits". Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. keeps improving in product quality, makes constant progress to satisfy the need of the clients for the product.

about our Company
Statistics of our Company

Statistics of our Company

We Started Company

Year Experience in chemical industry.

Hard Worker employees.

Happy Clients in India and abroad.


Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. offers a wide selection of chemical products like...

Copper Sulphate, Cupric Chloride (Dihydrate and Anhydrous – both Forms), Cuprous Chloride, Copper Phthalo Cyanine Blue Crude.

about our Products
We make you promise of

We make you promise of



Our employees are trained to manage safety hazards in their workplace through observation of an annual safety day. Providing a safe and protected workplace to our employees is the topmost priority at SCL.



At SCL we equate reliability with safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Our reliable plants allow to us provide services consistent with our quality standards, in an environmentally friendly manner.



SCL is focused on streamlining the utilization of accessible resources, in order to maximize the yield. We work with the goal of achieving maximum productivity while diminishing energy consumption.

Our Key Strength

Our Key Strength

Why Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. is your associate of choice for chemical sourcing and supply.

Customer Focus

We understand your needs, and we can provide tailored solutions specific to your all requirements.

Product Range

We offer products that have applications across multiple industries with the ability to supply the quantities you require.

Quality Assurance

We provide full traceability of our supply chains so you can have complete confidence in the quality of our products.

Highly Competitive

We can save you money on new and existing material purchases with our competitive pricing and extended payment terms.

Global Sourcing

We have a comprehensive knowledge of manufacturers, enabling us to source quality products to supply across the globe.


We coupled with our technical expertise, allows us to solve your chemical, logistical and regulatory sourcing challenges.


Which Industries require our products ?

Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of different type of speciality chemicals which are used in Mining Industries, Pigments Industries, Dyes Industries, Pesticides Industries, in Plants and Crops.

Global Presence - We established our self as a dependable chemical supplier in the Indian and international market

We have an exclusive Contract of Copper Sulphate with Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (Vedanta Group) in India as well as in Black Mountain Mining Pty. Ltd. (Africa). We are also exporting in Australia to Kanins International Pty. Ltd. & Sinoz Chemicals & Commodities Pty. Ltd.

  • For global customers who include many of the key players in the chemicals industry.
  • We provide long term seamless supply of chemical and biochemical.
  • Offering products from development to commercial scale, in quantities of multi KGs.